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He (he or she or...)!

There is no joy in 'His' mind. But what a huge power 'He' has! What is not - immortality, infinite time, infinite power. But even after him there is no joy in His mind. It just seems to fit in the shell of the capsule. No problem, you have to decide 100 years-thousands of years-millions of years. You will go to a 'temporary sleep' in his language - that sleep will be broken in time. But this is to lose oneself to oneself. No one has to explain but how to keep an eye on yourself?

There is no sound except the faint hash of this huge spaceship. This makes feel very upset. He never bothered to operate this spaceship, it was built so perfectly that it will continue to run on its own forever. Very high quality shapeless robots do their work relentlessly, tirelessly.
He’ is looking around his collection to cut the annoyance. What a huge collection of His collection! Wherever He has gone on his long journey, He has brought some memorabilia and left it carefully. From a planet came a fairly gray soil and a strange fruit. It's weird that once you've eaten it, you have to eat it according to the rules. The most complex problem is that it produces a very foul-smelling substance. Unbearable! Often people will throw away the fruit but an unnecessary illusion has fallen.
In a distracted manner, 'He' is moving this and that. What 'He' noticed was that 'He' mixed it up and made a unique shape, a very small shape. When 'He' breathed his last, the body began to roll back and forth. 'He' looked annoyed, what does not seem meaningless! When 'He' made the figure stand up, the figure started jumping and moving in a more ridiculous manner. Now that the lower part of the 'He' figure has been split in two, the movement and movement of the figure are somewhat tolerable. but the posture was awkward. This time, when 'He' divided the upper part into two, a rhythm came in the movement of the body.
A look of satisfaction on his face. Hey, hey, look how fast it is! At one point, the figure was tired, squatting and trying hard to lift the key. Using the above two parts is not making much profit. 'He' cut the end of one of the top two parts for convenience and divided it into five parts. Wow, this time the figure picked up the little thing lying effortlessly without doing anything nice with its slender stick-fingers. Wow, pretty much, pretty much!
His sadness is gone. After many, many days, 'He' is feeling a little excited. Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first. He named the form 'Ila'. 'Ila' became a fun game to spend her time with. Changing from moment to moment, until the end, He stared with fascinated eyes at what He had made to stand. I can't believe that such a wonderful thing can be made with ugly things! The only restriction is that 'Ila' can happily roam anywhere in the spacecraft from time to time. 'He' warned of the consequences. Beware, it is a forbidden fruit, not to be taken lightly.
'Ila's amorphous robots don't get along very well, wherever the melody goes. Because the work of shapeless robots is very monotonous, they have no unreasonable distortions, no nineteen-twenty! 'Ila' wanders around sadly. What a pain! One day ‘He’ made a companion like her to cut 'Ila’s instability in compassionate eyes. Named 'Ilani'. This time the two of them sailed the whole spaceship, turning it upside down; Useless hee hee hee chuckles. ‘He’ looks at her with a look of indulgence. The most cautious of the robots is that the robot 'Lived', seeing the nonsense of 'Ila' and her partner, did not look good on 'Lived.'
Lived said one day, ‘Master, don’t you think that what you are doing with them is an exaggeration?'
'He' stared in amazement at Lived's impudent behavior. He said in a hushed voice, ‘Lived, have you forgotten the rules of robotics'? Lived said in a steady voice, ‘No master, but I am not bothered by their activities. According to the rules of robotics, my job is to protect this spaceship and you at any cost. But 'Ila' and 'Ilani' are a threat to this ship. My point is, they need to be destroyed, as soon as possible, if possible right now.'
'He' said, trembling in an angry voice, ‘Lived, you are transgressing the limits. You are not the master of this ship, I am. I will decide who will be here, who will not be. Get out of here, Buzz Off-Get Lost!'
'Well, that's fine,' said Lived, holding on to his hard-earned normal posture. I'm leaving.
Lived could not forget it in any way. This is his condition, misery for Ila today. This is the only way to get revenge. Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it's something known in advance. According to the 'Lived' rule, Ila keeps on talking in Ilani's ears: to eat that fruit. You don't know why the master didn't do it; That immortality is found in eating it. Master does not want you to be immortal.
One day, Ila ate the fruit at the instigation of Lived. There is a clear feeling of a vandalism inside - an unknown, unknown, unseen change! All the crazy bells of the whole spaceship are ringing at once. Ila is trembling with fear. Oh master, my master, this is what I did - this is what I did!
Ila cried and said, ‘Master, I have done great wrong. I am on my knees apologizing. He stares at Ila's drink in a disgusted manner. Surprisingly, a little robot made by him fascinated him. He sighed and said, 'Ila what's the use of saying this now?'
Ila said, 'Master, I will never do anything beyond your word.'
'He' said bored, ‘What’s the use, ha? You can't be kept here anymore. Do you know why I called it a forbidden fruit? Eating it once will change your structure tremendously. The change that happens once you ate is that you have to eat according to the rules. This will limit your ability to survive. Your whole body will turn into a crumbling body, it will be destroyed in a regular manner. 
The more serious complication is that you have to make arrangements to get rid of the residue by puncturing the front and back of your body. You have to leave regularly outside. That waste is so nasty, smelly, unbearable that there is no way to keep it here. It can't be done even if you want to because the environment here is not so conducive. Moreover, there are more problems, from now on you have to eat the fruit according to the rules, so you have to arrange this supply. This is a very complex problem.'
'He' did not elaborate on the complexities of the problem because Ila would not understand everything. Leaving 'Ila' alone would make his controlled rules in the spaceship more and more chaotic. Everything would have to be rearranged. Don't like complications.
Ila growled, 'Master, there's no way.?'
He said, ‘Oh, no. You have to take the thing called fruit regularly, which you will later know as food. You will gradually grow at a geometric rate, this will be the beginning of your desperate attempt for a food called fruit. Not only the rest of it will come out but also the blood will come out of your body for this food. The worst will happen, you will kill each other. Alas, you are not free from this.
'Ila' said with tears in her eyes, 'Master, if this is the last word, then there is no way to get this waste back.'
He said seriously, 'No.'
Ila said, 'Why Master?'
Why? 'He' didn't explain. Once they do, they'll stagnate, disappear there's no trace of life. It doesn't make sense. He doesn't like these complications.
Ila said, 'Master ...!'
He sighed and said, ‘O-h, no more talking. Your time is running out. If you don't get the rest of the fruit out of the hole, you'll be in a trance. I am sending you and Lived down to a very small place, later you will recognize it as a planet. Lived and you - light and dark, will be in harmony. Will try to follow my instructions. I leave the burden of the next consideration in your hands. I hope that maybe someone will come from time to time to help you, you know them as angels. Each angel will try to teach you different things, but everyone will have the same purpose, to try to do you good. Be well.

He’ dropped them down in a tiny dot. It is a very small point, but 'Ila' does not have enough knowledge to go from here to there Later, the name of the 'world' will be. His strong wish is that at least the descendants of Ila will acquire sufficient knowledge in due course. He smiled, even after gaining enough knowledge, cries would come out from the chests of Ila's descendants, I am no one, I am nothing!
The children of Ila's looks up at the sky and takes a deep breath. The children of Ila's have also become accustomed to staring at the sky. If he is in a good mood, he looks at the sky and begs, but when he is in a bad mood, if he is stuck in a traffic jam, he looks at the sky and curse. Shit has been hard because of eating habits, so look up and curse again! 
'He' is sleeping in the opening of the capsule. There is no way to know if you will sleep for a million years or not. It is difficult to say whether he will wake up at all. He's crazy...!
*No one knows where 'He' is now! Since no one knows, how do I know? Well, I wrote in another article, Knowledge, knowledge of which period? Knowledge of 2006 or 6002? Who knows, maybe one day we will say this, something will surpass the speed of light ....I don't know - I don't know.
**He, sure to smile if He had a chance to smile. Wow, now I see they have improved a lot. Wow, they see the world has a price again, five quadrillion dollars! (15 zeros after five)
***I'm pretty sure the wise guys will find the loopholes in this article. Admittedly, I don't have enough knowledge at the moment to close this gap. I will try again when it happens.
*Translation credit: Mr Yomnot
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