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Kitty must die!

Kitty must die: 1
There once was a country inside a country. This unbelievably beautiful country was called Akhuradesh. Kitty lives in this country. Kitty has never seen his father, and his mother also died! His mother died yesterday, and just thinking about her makes kitty feel like his heart will explode from grief. So much pain! Kitty whispered, “Mother, oh Mother!”

The monster killed kitty’s mother in front of him, and he was helpless. Kitty cried, “Oh most merciful, Oh great lord, why did you create me with so few capabilities? A child who can’t protect his mother has no right to live. Damn it! Damn it a million times! Kitty said sadly, “Hey little monster, little monster?”

Bukka was wrestling a pillow, which was once flat but had become round from being hit. He stopped hitting the pillow and said angrily, “Hey mosquito! Come closer and I’ll slap you. Idiot! We are gods greatest creation and the idiot calls me little monster. Get lost!”
Kitty cried, “My mother died.”
Bukka sadly replied, “I’m really sorry, but who taught you to call me monster, it sounds ugly.”
Kitty forgot his grief and said, “My teacher. He is a great teacher.” Wide eyed, Bukka asked, “You have schools as well?”
Kitty replied arrogantly, “I am a student of 11th grade. I have done 14,400 seconds worth of classes.”
Bukka asked, “What kind of time is that?”
Kitty sighed and said, “We have short lifespans so we keep track of every second.”
Bukka asked, “How old are you?”
Kitty Said, “86400 seconds.”

Bukka laughed. Kitty said,” Don’t laugh so much, your teeth will fall on your feet and cut them. Don’t you believe I’m this old? Actually I look like a child.”
Bukka hid his laughter and said, “No no why wouldn’t I.”
Kitty said, “No you didn’t believe me.”
Bukka had a new tooth trying its hardest to push through and grow. He tongued it and said, “On my tooth I swear I believe you.” Shocked, Kitty said, “How strange, you are lying for such a little matter. My great teacher told me to always be honest.”
Ashamed, Bukka asked, “What else does he say?”
Kitty suddenly cried and said, “My mother has died.”
Bukka sadly said, “Please Kitty, don’t cry. Then I’ll cry, Go wash your eyes, you’ll feel fresh.”

Kitty washed his eyes in the water dripping from the sink. “Bukka, my teacher taught me our national anthem. Want to hear it?” There were ‘pi pi’ noises for a while. Kitty’s expression changed and his eyes for watering.
Bukka said softly, “Sorry I didn’t understand your national anthem” “I sang, my golden Akhuradesh, I love you. My golden Akhuradesh I can die for you“.
Bukka was stunned, shocked. “What are you saying Kitty? Are you really ready to die for your country?”
Kitty replied arrogantly, “Of course. A hundred times. This country has given me food. A place to live, filling my tiny lungs with air, us mosquitoes talking in our own language. Oh if only my mother had died for this country. I would have been a martyr’s son.”
Bukka asked, “Who killed your mother?”
Kitty replied, “Your father. He is a cruel man. My mother didn’t do him any harm.”

Bukka violently shook his head and said, “No no no! My father is a good man. Are we going to sit and watch while your kind sucks our blood?”
Kitty replied, “You have so much blood in your body. An ocean of blood, almost 4000ml. 7% of your body weight is blood. We drink so little, just a sip, if not less.”
Bukka sternly said, “You don’t just drink blood, you spread disease like Dengue, Malaria and other horrible sicknesses”
Kitty was silent for a while then said, “Are you good monsters, sorry, good humans? Cows, goats, chickens ducks, what don’t you eat? If we were any fatter, you would have fried us up and eaten us.”
Bukka scratched his head for a while and said, “We have to eat those, it’s the way things work.”
Kitty flapped his tiny wings and replied, “We have to drink blood, it’s the way things work.”
Bukka gave up, “Okay we’re equal. But you are born in filth. Yuck! Kitty said, “Okay. You hate filth. Do you want me to tell you what you carry around in your belly?”
Bukka raised his hands and said, “Please no.”

Kitty started laughing, Bukka asked, “You know a lot don’t you kitty?”
Kitty replied sadly, “I know nothing, nothing of the great world of Banguradesh. With my lifespan, I wouldn’t be able to cross Banguradesh even on a train. How short our lives are! Why were we sent with such short lives? There’s so much left to see.”
Bukka pleaded, “Kitty please forgive my father. I am kneeling before you for forgiveness of my father’s deeds."
Kitty said, “Wow! you can just kill my mother, take our country from us then say it was a mistake!”
Bukka wailed, “Kitty forgive my father. Bring millions of your mosquitoes and suck all the blood from my body instead. But please forgive my father.
Kitty cried, “There is no doubt you are the greatest creation. There is nothing you can’t do. I’ll forgive your father just for you. But I will never be able to forgive myself..."
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Kitty must die 2
Kitty the mosquito suddenly started acting crazy. Bukka wailed, “Kitty why are you doing this?
Kitty replied in a frightened voice, “Your father is coming this way.”
Bukka was surprised, “So what? It’s not like he’s a tiger or a bear.” Kitty thought to himself, “Even worse, a terrifying monster!”

Bukka’s father was approaching. Surely he will be carrying a weapon of destruction. Any moment he will spray repellent with a smile on his face. Gradually Kitty will suffocate. At point he will join his mother in death. Oh, why are monsters so cruel! In Bukka’s room, Goodnight electric coil is kept on all day and night. Oh the pain!
Bukka said, “Kitty don’t be afraid. Haven’t I told you my father is good? He will not spray the repellent while I am in this room, because it will harm me. I know what you can do, get inside my shirt pocket. Where there’s Bukka, there will be no medicine. HA HA HA! See, how smart I am?”
Totally relieved, Kitty climbed inside Bukka’s pocket. Bukka’s father opened the door and sang in a loud voice, “Bukka boy, Tukka boy, where’s my Pukka boy, where’s my Howard boy!”

Bukka noticed his father holding today’s newspaper, not a mosquito repellent. The picture of a boy his age caught Bukka’s eye. But alas, the boy looked broken! Surprised, Bukka asked his father, “Why is the picture like that?”
His father sighed and replied, “Son, the child is dead, it’s is the picture of a Palestinian child.”
Bukka asked, “What does dead mean?”
His father scratched his head and said, ”How do I explain, dead means dead. It’s like, if someone dies, they can never come back.” Bukka said sadly, “If he dies, won’t his mom and dad cry? Will you be sad if I die?”

His father wailed, “Oh no, never say that again Bukka. I will die in your place a hundred times.”
Bukka held back his tears and asked, “Then why was the boy killed, who did he ever harm?
His father replied, “Ah, who can this child possibly harm? Son, these are grown up things you won’t understand – people often do bad things, using different excuses.”
Angered, Bukka asked, “Is no one going to protest this wrongdoing, not even you?”
His father sighed, “Son, I have as much power as a mosquito.”

On the subject of mosquitoes, Bukka remembered Kitty. Bukka hugged his father and asked, “Can you keep a promise?”
His father sang, “Tell me my Hukka boy.”
Bukka shook his head and said, “Swear on me.” His father laughed, “I’ll swear on you thrice, whatever you ask for.”
Bukka said, “I have a friend, Kitty. Please don’t kill him. I’ll never disobey you again. I’ll do whatever you ask. Please, please dad. Don’t kill him.”
His father had been talking in a sing-song voice so far. He now said seriously, “How strange, why would I kill your friend, what sort of request is this?”
Bukka replied hesitantly, “Kitty is a mosquito.”

His father looked confused. His face glowing, Bukka said, “Look dad, inside my pocket. Please, please don’t hurt him I beg you. He’s very good, very knowledgeable. Don’t you believe me? Hey kitty, come out of my pocket and sit on my nose so my father can see. See dad, he’s sitting on my nose. Now Kitty, sit on my dad’s moustache; wonderful! Don’t move or you’ll tickle him."
Father was looking at the tiny creature named Kitty with disbelief. He sat calmly for a while and then muttered, “Kitty must die.” But then he said insolently, “Bukka are you joking with me? Tell your friend to get inside my shirt pocket.”
Kitty was hesitating so Bukka said with total assurance, “Kitty don’t be scared. My dad promised so nothing will happen to you.” Just as Kitty went inside the pocket, Father immediately trapped him inside. Kitty’s whole world turned black. Oh, so much air, but Kitty’s tiny chest was dying for some air. From within, an almost inaudible voice could be heard, “Bukka-Bukka, pain, so much pain...”
Abrar Ahmad

*Translation credit: Abrar Ahmad
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