Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Dream School (Part: Two)

In my last post [1] I wrote about my strategy to subdue these young hearts. Today we introduced them to the books. It was not urgent to burden them with books so early but I had no choice but to trick them with books. I observed how appealing the colorful illustrated books were to them. I was overwhelmed by requests from them to take photos for all of them!

I noticed that the teacher was carrying a cane to use it on the students, I informed him about my strict disapproval about it. I had to tell him, ‘I don’t want conventional method of teaching. Along with formal teaching, it is important to monitor if they are learning to wash hands before eating, cutting their nails, brushing teeth and so on. The reason is, because you are not teaching the children who came from learned parents. There is no need to wrestle it to the ground to teach them alphabet right now. Let them fantasize the pictures of the book; make up nice tales about these pictures. And most of all; never leave your chair and stand up every time you meet me because I want them to realize that no one is more important and honorable than their teacher.’

I stated in my last post that the father’s of these kids and other adults showed interest to learn and get education. This had been started today; I had got eight students, not that bad! The adults would have their lesson from seven o’clock in the evening. The said in a tone of hesitation, ‘We want to learn inside our own house.’
I could understand the embarrassment they were feeling. I had to hide my amusement and affirmed them, ‘Wherever you prefer to have your studies, I have no problem at all.’
Another amazing thing happened today! The women wanted to have lesson too. I said, ‘Very well, but where I am going to find a female teacher for you? Would you be alright with this male teacher to teach you’? The ladies did not disagree at all.
But the teacher was quiet doubtful about the future prospect of adult education. I inspired the teacher to deliver them a message constantly like a talking bird. It is very disgraceful to use finger prints as your signature. Let us see what happens …
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*Translated from Canada by Tithi

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