Friday, February 5, 2010

An Ordinary Story

They are two sisters. The elder kid is probably ten years old named Shimu.
is the younger one, she is three years old. They live in a rail station.

Their life story is somewhat ordinary. Their father, who was a truck driver, left them and married a woman. After a short period of time their mother got married as well and could not look after them anymore. They had an aunt who refused to take the responsibility of Riya, so Shimu was the only person left who could take care of her baby sister Riya and she had been doing this for over a month with utter sincerity. Since then Shimu is everything in Riya’s world.

Yesterday the temperature was 10 degree Celsius here. There is no protection in the station to get rid of the chilly wind gust of winter. I was shivering in cold while wearing whole bunch of warm cloths. But these two little kids were playing with incredible joy completely ignoring the severe cold weather. I could not believe my eyes how enthusiastic and graceful they looked! It’s was pity that I lacked the skill of writing something in a superb way as the great poet and writers do. I wished I had the power to write the great story of these girls!

I have heard that some people were interested in adopting Riya, but Shimu didn’t let it happen. Her stubborn word was, “If the whole world denies her, I am the one who will look after her.” Little Riya shows a great affection to her sister. I was a little skeptical about the child raising ability of ten years old Shimu, it was an insane act to me!

But today my conscience mocked at me. These poor girls had absolutely nothing to eat since morning; finally they had something to eat at one o’clock. My mind got fully absorbed while I was watching them eating. Shimu was feeding her sister almost leaving nothing for her to eat.

My mind could not think any longer, as if I was enchanted. Where did she find this bounty of love? I have learned that level of intense love can only be found in a mother’s heart, but what’s going on here…?

If I had a chance, I would have bend before her to beg for some love. I am desperately in need of that magical love; I swear I would trade anything for that.

According to my religious belief, Mother Teresa is not eligible to enter into heaven even though she is responsible for building shelters for millions of homeless people but I have at least a tiny ray of hope to make a passage way into heaven while I am not doing anything to help these two little girls. Isn’t that amazing!

My powerlessness gives me nothing but a sinking feeling inside me. I feel guilty and unworthy when I face this reality. I wish I could escape from these aliens, in a land far beyond sadness...(Original post)

*English Translation by: Tithi, Canada

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